Hetki Seven

Very efficient small home with 93 m² of usable space

Hetki Seven floor plans

Hetki micro homes are created for enjoying life. In each house, a comfortable living room is at the center, where one can relax with family and loved ones. The bedrooms offer necessary privacy and create an ideal atmosphere for a good night's sleep

First Floor

Second Floor

Hetki on loodud, et pakkuda sulle kindlust, mugavust ja luksust. Meie SIP-paneelid sobivad ideaalselt Eesti kliimasse, pakkudes talvel mõnusat toasooja ja suvel ergutavat jahedust. Hetki majade sisekliima on hea ja tervislik.

Hetki materjalid on alati parimad, sest me teame, et sina väärid parimat.

  1. Laudis / terasprofiil
  2. Roovitis ja ventileeritav õhk
  3. Tuuletõkkemembraan
  4. Valikuline lisasoojustus
  5. Välimine OSB/3
  6. EPS-soojustus
  7. Aurutõkkemembraan
  8. Siseseina roovitis
  9. Laudis / seinapaneelid / kipsplaat

Technical information

Main parameters

Windows and doors


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House parameters


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What is included?

The offer includes all elements prefabricated in our factory.

The assembly of house is carried out using the attached instruction, in which we have described each stage of the work step by step. Including the list of the materials needed at each of the stages.

The set includes all the materials to put the house in a closed state. This means that the offer includes the construction of the house with wall panels and all the necessary mounting elements (foams, screws, membranes), windows, doors, as well as a complete facade, roofing with gutters and downspouts. Visualizations in our gallery show what the finished house looks like after being assembled from the outside. 

All elements have been cut and numbered already at the production stage.

Our time spent in the factory on the prefabrication process reduces the scope of work, that has to be done during conventional construction method by more than 70% and it also reduces costs by up 65%.

Production accuracy in factory conditions, supervision of quality control at every stage of production, qualified staff and short time of order realization distinguishes our offer from the others.

Experienced builders can build this house in 8-10 days. Considering the already quick time of realization compared to traditional methods, people with basic construction knowledge can build it in 12-15 days.

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Base price starts at 65990 EUR + VAT

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Base price starts at 65990 EUR + VAT